Why you should update your old lounge this year

When last did you update your lounge set? If you’re reading this, it’s probably been a good couple of years since you’ve even thought of getting a new couch or perhaps even just new curtains.

We all know that change can be scary, what if it doesn’t’ turn out the way you want it to? Perhaps there isn’t anything you actually like. Or there are just too many choices to choose from, and it doesn’t help that you’re indecisive.

Well, they do say that change is as good as a holiday, and if you haven’t updated your lounge in a few years then maybe 2018 is the year you decide to shake things up a bit.

So be it a hand-me-down from a family member or the old floral couch you bought when it was bang on trend, here are a few reasons to update your old lounge this year

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You’re being eaten alive

When you sit down you knees graze your ears as if it’s normal now, your couch is trying to eat you. It’s hard to get up, so you have to mentally prepare yourself before you launch yourself across the living room

It’s been the same since 1999

It doesn’t look like the navy Leather lounge you bought years ago. Now it is black with questionable stains and a few holes. The couch has zero resemblance to the beauty it once was.

New décor

You’ve redesigned you’re living area a while ago and didn’t have enough left in the budget to buy a quality lounge. Now every time you want to sit down to read or watch TV, you first roll around dramatically or cry a little bit. Somedays you even do both together.

Your taste has upgraded

You’ve grown out of your bohemian, free-spirited décor taste. And with that, the colourful couch you bought on a whim, that brought you so much joy just reminds you of your old self. It won’t even help to just redecorate the living area because your lounge will scream loudly about your past choices.

You have pets

You’re German Shepherds Tank, and Gus has taken up permanent residence on your couches the last couple of years, and it shows. Nail marks, stains and dog fluff now decorates your once beautiful lounge, and you’ve been defeated for ages because you know nothing will be able to rescue it.

Now that the why has been laid out, what about the choices that are out there.

I went in search of the three most beautiful and versatile lounges that might suit your living area needs:


A contemporary look that is timeless and elegant. The Jamie will fit in in any lounge because it comes in 8 different coloured fabrics.


Simplistic with a touch of past and present, the Errol is the sofa that will fit in almost any living area.


The Revo sofa bed is my number one choice when you’ve decided on updating your lounge. The lounge is inviting and absolutely shouts relaxation and comfort. It will call you after a long day at work, and it will invite you for a Saturday afternoon nap.

It comes in different sizes and will fit perfectly in any living room, and it’s a double whammy because it’s not just a sofa but a sofa bed.

So whatever your reasons are for updating your lounge in the new year, I hope you find what you’re looking for. Just remember there is something out there for everyone, all you have to do is the research!