Why Are Ceramic Tiles the Best Flooring Option?

Ceramic tiles have existed for centuries because of their versatility. They are regarded as an architectural resource that can be employed in almost all types of environments. They are natural and slip resistant. You don’t have to worry about the constraints of stains and water, and they have a modern and contemporary design.

Let us see why ceramic tiles are considered as the best flooring option.

Water Resistance

There are glazed ceramic tiles available at Carreaux Metro with a protective layer. This layer that rests over the material makes it water- and stain- resistant. Otherwise, also without layering, they are naturally resistant to the effects of high humidity conditions. Thus, they are ideal for use in places that are damp like kitchens and bathrooms.


These tiles are extremely tough and hence very durable. Any quality installation easily lasts for anywhere between 10 – 20 years. In case any tile breaks or develops a crack due to any reason, it is easy to get it replaced.

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Maintaining ceramic flooring is an easy job as all dirt, dust, stains, and liquids are confined only on the top surface, which can be wiped off easily. If there is any stubborn stain on the surface, then you can use a heavy-duty cleaner without worrying about damaging the surface of the tile.


They are the most economical tiles available in the market. There is also a varied price range available in it, so you can choose according to the area where you want to get it installed and the budget.

Allergen Concerns

As these tiles have hard and solid surface, there is no place for the common allergens found in homes like dust, dirt, pollen, and dander to hide. Everything is visible on the surface, and using a vacuum or a mop you can easily clean it. Thus, it’s an ideal material to use at home especially if you have someone who is allergic to dust or dirt.


They do not develop a static charge due to friction or walking as it happens with many other coverings. This property makes it extremely beneficial to use in places like operating theatres.

All these benefits make ceramic tiles one of the best flooring options for both residential as well as the non-residential places.