What to Do if You Need Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

When you are in need of emergency air conditioner repair services, your first call should be to the HVAC company that regularly services your air conditioner. If your trusted HVAC company does not offer emergency repair services, they should be able to refer you to a company that does handle emergency services. If you are not able to determine the problem on your own, turn the entire system off and contact an emergency repair company. Do not run the system until it has been serviced and repaired. You should take the time to locate the right company to provide emergency repair on air conditioners Chapel Hill NC.

Locating the Right Emergency Air Conditioning Repair Company

Locating an air conditioning repair company that will come on an emergency basis can be difficult. It becomes even more difficult if you want them to show up right away. During the summer months, air conditioning repair and service is in high demand.

Your first step should be to contact the company that regularly services your air conditioner. If you already have a contract with them for air conditioner maintenance, you may receive an added bonus with priority scheduling for emergency repairs.

How Much Should You Expect Emergency Air Conditioning Repair to Cost?

A standard repair service call during normal business hours can be costly. Just to get a service technician to your home will cost between $40 and $100. Once the repair man arrives, even if they do not complete any work on your system, you will still be responsible for this fee.

Any parts your system needs, and repairs will be an additional fee. If you are needing emergency service repair, you will be paying a lot more for service. Any service call after regular business hours, weekends, and holidays will cost you an extremely large fee.

Common Emergency Repairs for Air Conditioners

An air conditioner, just like any machine, can develop a number of problems. Almost any component inside of the air conditioner can become damaged, especially if the system is not properly taken care of. There are a few repair types that are more common in emergency system repair, which may make troubleshooting the system yourself easier. If you are able to troubleshoot the problem yourself, you may be able to wait until normal operating hours, which can save you a great deal of money.

If your air conditioner is not operating correctly, the problem could be one of the following common issues:

  • Refrigerant related problems (may include a leak or poor refrigerant charge)
  • Problems with drainage
  • Clogs in the condenser drain lines
  • Faulty fan in the compressor
  • Iced over condenser coils or evaporator

If you are unable to determine what the problem is with your air conditioner, turn the unit off completely and contact a professional HVAC repair man. Running an air conditioner that is not functioning properly risks further damage to the components in the machine. This will make repairs costlier, and risk damaging the entire unit.