Types of Pillows

There are a lot of different kinds of pillows, for various tastes and needs. Standard hotel pillows are often made of the cheapest material available, though some nicer establishments may go for something more expensive.  There are some things you will never find in hotel pillows, however, such as water pillows. Rarely you will find a contour pillow, which is designed to support your neck. While your selection of hotel pillows may be small, you can choose from dozens of styles for your home.

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Here are some of the different kinds of pillows and what they are made of.

  • Contour pillow: This is a pillow shaped so it will support your neck and head. It offers great support for your neck, helps with posture and can help with snoring. The downside is it not good for people who sleep on their stomach.
  • Down pillows: These are the softest pillows you can buy. They are very cushiony and good for stomach sleepers. They last a long time, can be washed and reduces perspiration during sleep. These are expensive and require shaking to keep their shape.
  • Feather pillows: These are similar to down pillows, but come from a different part of a bird. They are comfortable, durable, lightweight and very soft. They do require fluffing and can lose their shape. They can also be conducive to allergies.
  • Latex pillow: Many people say these are the best pillows, and that leads to the biggest downside, which is the expense.  They are made from rubber trees, last a very long time and are very organic. They resist mold and mildew and do not help allergies.  These pillows also shape themselves with use to fit you perfectly.
  • Polyester Pillows. These are hotel pillows that you often find in budget hotels. The great thing about these pillows is they are cheap, washable and resist tearing. Ventilation is not great, and they can be a target for dust mites.  They are comfortable but don’t offer a lot of neck support.
  • Microbead pillows. These are not real popular. They are made of small beads similar to what is in bean bags.  They offer good ventilation and support for the neck and head. They are not real durable, and if they tear during washing you could have a real mess.
  • Synthetic Fiber: This is another pillow you might find serving as hotel pillows.  They are made of synthetic fiber, and therefore they are cheap and durable. They are waterproof and resist allergies. They are also easy to wash. The negative is they can produce a lot of static electricity, and they do not contour well with the neck.  
  • Cotton or wool: These are similar in appearance and function.  They help you avoid allergies and are firm. They flatten out over time and do not offer as much support for the neck.  Wool offers good airflow, while cotton does not. This means cotton could have dust mites.