Types of apartment you need to know before you rent one

In this tight real estate market days, renting an apartment in Phuket is nothing less than conquering the mountain. You need to spend lots of time in considering different things that are necessary to consider and spend efforts on seeking and renting an apartment. Now, the apartment owners require different types of documents before they rent the apartment to you. Some of those documents are bank statement, bank stub, letter of recommendation, photo identification, vehicle registration and    insurance proof, resume, rental history and social security number of document. So before you proceed, you need to be ensured that you have all these documents and you are eligible to rent apartment phuket.

 Types of apartment you can get on rent

 Unfurnished – Unfurnished apartments are considered as the housing units which are there to be sold without adding any interior addition.  Electric fitting, home appliance, cabinets, sanitary fixtures, fans and furniture are not available there. These types of apartments can be found at affordable prices.

Semi furnished – These apartments are a better choice than the unfurnished apartments. They are available with the limited furnishing. Different semi- furnished apartments may have different amenities and facilities.  Usually these housing units are offered with:

  • Electrical fittings
  • Hall furniture
  • Kitchen cabinets

Fully furnished – These are the most favorite types of apartments, people often prefer to rent.  Moving to this apartment is quite easy as you do not need to have your clothing and some other essentials needed. These are fully furnished units means there all the needed amenities from electrical fitting, furniture to kitchen fittings. Below mentioned are some more facilities that are available in these types of units:

  • Air conditioning
  • Electronic appliances like refrigerators, washing machine, and so forth
  • Furniture ( bed, sofa, dining table, chairs )