Things to Consider When Relocating

Finally, you have decided to move. Perhaps you or your partner got a nice job out of state, you bought a new home, or you just want to change environments. There is a lot to consider when you are making a move. You don’t want to be disorganized at this time when your focus and attention is needed. Having or preparing a moving checklist can help.

Here are seven things not to forget to do when moving.

Get estimates

Get price estimates from various moving companies. Decide which company you would like to use considering their cost and how much time it would take. Book your reservations two months in advance to ensure availability.

Contact your utility service providers

Contact all of your utility companies that you pay a regular bill to. Make a list of your utility companies, contact them and try to get all of them in one sitting.  Inform them about your intention to move and the date so that they cancel or transfer your accounts. This list you create should be kept so that you can be sure that your information was changed in their databases.

Get a change of address form

Get a change of address form from your local post office or download one online. Do these as soon as you have a new address to ensure your mails get forwarded to the right place. No one will like to see his or her personal information in a stranger’s hand or stolen. Also, there is a possibility that your mail transfer form will not go through the first time you submit. If this is the case, have your mails and bills forwarded to the address of someone you trust.

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Inform your kids’ new school

Contact your kids’ new school to inform them that you are relocating to their area. This will make the transition smoother for your kids.

Pack early

Humans are so used to the fire brigade approach when handling any task. Start packing stuff you will need in your new house as early as possible. Packing early gives you ample time to organize and label your boxes. Start early and continue until you simply have no more time.

Don’t be a lender or a borrower

Make sure you return anything that you borrowed or rented. CD plates, furniture, books, toys, tools, etc. that you or your kids borrowed should be returned. Also, collect back those items and stuff you have lend to people.

Purge out items you don’t need

Do you really need to move every item in your home? Perhaps some items are not worth any moving effort. Purge out items and stuff that you don’t want to move. Plus, sometimes it is cheaper to buy such item when you move into your new area than have to pay to move it.

Eat all your foods before you move

Eat as much food as you can. Moving food items is costlier than replacing when you get to your new area. If you can’t eat all your food, give what’s left to friends, relatives, neighbors or a charity.

A moving checklist app helps keep your move organized. So, you may consider getting the app to keep track of your moving activities. This way, your move would be easy and well organized without stress.