The Most Reliable Way to Finish Basement Walls

Too many homeowners that refinish their basements make the mistake of treating basement rooms like the rooms upstairs. Basement rooms are nothing like the upstairs sections of a house though, and that’s an important realization to make. Basements are known for being damp, and most basement surfaces are damp at one point or another even if they are dry most of the time. That means that all the materials used for the walls of the basement should be designed to withstand damp conditions as well, otherwise you’ll suffer from mould, mildew and other issues over time. That’s why it’s so important to carefully choose wall materials when finishing a basement. If you invest in traditional insulations, studs and wall panels you’re going to end up with problems down the road, and the small amount of savings that you enjoy over the short term simply won’t make up for all the future costs that you have to deal with.

Choosing a Waterproof Insulator

Your finished basement probably isn’t going to be a very comfortable environment without adding some insulation, but traditional insulations are poor choices for a basement environment. Instead of going with something like fibreglass insulation, it’s much more cost-effective and practical to invest in rigid board foam instead. This insulation does not absorb water and it doesn’t promote mould growth. That makes it less maintenance and it means that you’ll get decades out of the insulation without it breaking down like traditional insulators would. You can also count on the foam insulation to keep offering excellent insulation, while materials like fibreglass stop functioning properly once they become damp.

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Investing in Waterproof Walls

Basement walls are subject to moisture and they are the first to suffer from flood damage as well. This makes materials like wood and drywall poor options for coating the walls of a finished basement. Instead there are other products on the market designed with withstand moisture and to remain in good shape over time. TBF or Total Basement Finishing panels are one of the leading basement products on the market, and they are highly recommended to homeowners that want a reliable wall solution for use in a basement setting. That’s because they don’t absorb moisture and won’t mould or rot over time when in damp conditions. They can even survive through a flood without developing mould or failing.

Invest for the Long Term

With the right materials your basement will be designed to last for decades or even the life of your home after it’s finished. You can style the walls throughout your basement in the way that you like to meet your tastes, but you should consider investing in slightly more expensive products to ensure that your basement holds up over time. It’s worth the cost to make sure you don’t have issues with mould or rot in the future and you can admire your beautiful finished basement for as long as you like after it’s complete.