Smart Home vs. Home Automation vs. Connected Home

What are the differences between a smart home, home automation anda connected home? Most people would probably classify all these as smart homes whose popularity has been on an upward trajectory with the continued emergence of the Internet of Things. Google and Apple have been releasing new products and technology advancements that enable homeowners to have more control of their homes through voice commands.

However, what do all these terms refer to? Custom Controls is on hand to help.

Connected Homes

A connected home has the entire infrastructure needed to make it function properly. It refers to the technology installed in a home to enable it to operate intelligently. Strong Wi-Fi connectivity and Smart TVs are two of the elements that make a home connected. Other types of technological infrastructure that separate a connected home from the rest include the following:

  1. media servers
  2. home theatre PCs
  3. simple media solutions

Smart Homes

How are smart homes different from the others? First, it has the right infrastructure just as the connected home. The difference between the two is that the smart home has more features. Those features are the result of building upon the infrastructure it already has. For example, media distribution within a home make it possible for the owner to play different collections of music while distributing centralized video sources to any of the TV sets within that house.

Multi-Room Audio Video Systems are common in smart homes. They allow owners to enhance the experience via lighting control. This way, the owners are able to switch mood lighting on and off in the entire house or within specific rooms. A smart home also enables owners to switch the lighting on at dusk or switch audio off any time the alarm is set. A smart home is one of the most convenient spaces to live in.

Home Automation

Home automation builds upon the principles already present in a Smart Home. It integrates the various technologies operating in the house so they all work seamlessly as one unit. For example, it can enhance the audio video systems and mood lighting features by integrating them with heating and air conditioning system. It supports the integration of anything related to electrical within the house to make the home more convenient and energy efficient. Crestron is one of the most popular Home Automation suppliers.


Modern homes are full of numerous installations and devices. Consequently, homeowners are taking the initial steps towards making their homes smarter, more connected and highly automated. The goal is to create convenient homes, improve energy efficiency and fill the living spaces with content and features that are easy to access. The first step is to create a Connected Home before filling it with various components of a Smart Home and Home Automation.