Selecting Tiles for Your New Fireplace

Fireplaces have made a big come back in recent years, after originally being seen as quite old fashioned. It wasn’t so long ago when homeowners were ripping these fireplaces out to make way for a more modern design. In 2018, a fireplace is seen to be quite characterful, and adds value to the living space. How can you bring your fireplace into the 21st century?

Tiling a fireplace has become quite a popular option to do this. There are not many materials that are suitable to be used with a fireplace, but tiles are one of the materials that are resistant to heat. Because tiles come in a wide range of shapes and colors, it is possible to add your own personal stamp to your fireplace. There is one type of tile to avoid with fireplaces and this is the glass tile. This type of tile will quickly become damaged if you use it within a fireplace setting.

Before beginning to search for best tile for your project, it is important to agree a budget.To help you stick to your budget, it is important to measure how many tiles you will need. It is easy to overspend when you don’t know how many tiles you are buying. Although, it is important not to select the cheapest tile possible, as these will not last long and you could be ripping these out within a couple of years.

If you are looking for a good quality, but keenly priced tile material, you may wish to look at tiles which are made of concrete, porcelain and ceramic. You can browse the available ceramic tiles on Belktile – Ceramic tiles look very similar to more premium materials, so this could be the tile for you. If you have a bit more flexibility with your budget, it would be a good idea to select a tile that provides the best durability. Materials which achieve this aim are granite and slate, which provide a premium look.

Before you go ahead and purchase the tiles for your project, it is critical that you double check that the tiles have a Porcelain Enamel Institute score of at least 4 or 5. This ensures that they are suitable to be used in a fireplace settingand won’t become damaged.

As you can see, striking a balance between budget and quality is key for the longevity of your fireplace. You can search for fireplace tiles at, and you may come across a style you like!