Natural bathroom mats made from bamboo or teak – Why should you install them?

Are you planning to remodel your old bathroom or design the new bathroom in a manner that you had dreamt? If answered yes, you must be in need of several tips and techniques which can assist you in creating the bathroom of your dreams. Although the minimalist style is ‘in’ these days, there are few bathroom accessories like bathroom mats, towel bars and some others which have to be installed regardless of any criteria.

Natural bathroom mats have currently gained popularity as they seem to be too useful inside a bathroom for maintaining the dryness of the floor. A bamboo bathroom mat or the mats which are made from natural materials are not only decorative but they’re also functional at the same time. They can be made from hemp, teak, bamboo and many other materials. Here are few reasons why you should install bathroom mats made from natural materials.

  • They have increased resilience

Unlike traditional cloth or rubber, if you consider the bathroom mats made from natural materials, they tend to be more resilient. They don’t rot easily and they also don’t get damaged by water. Apart from that, the mats which are made from bamboo, teak or hemp don’t tear or break easily as the materials used are strong. Rubber, on the other hand, can break apart while being exposed to water for a long time. Natural things are usually long-lasting and flexible.

  • They come in elevated and unique design

As these bathroom mats are elevated and raised from the floor, they let the water to evaporate through the design in which it is made. This keeps the floor and mat sanitary and clean. Unlike the conventional rugs, water doesn’t soak within the mat and this leads to mildew and mold. Moreover due to the constant airflow through the mat that lies elevated, the space also remains healthier and cleaner.

  • Low maintenance mats

Bamboo mats or mats made from teak wood are all low-maintenance mats as they can be cleaned too easily. Due to the structural design and the elevated look, it can keep itself clean from constant water flow and moisture. Even if you don’t clean the bamboo mat, it will still remain clean. You may just have to wipe it with a dry cloth and allow it to dry.

  • Naturally prevents bacterial and mold

Plants create items which let them automatically become immune to fungi, bacteria and mold. As natural bathroom mats are made from natural substances, they are naturally immune to diseases and hence they also have anti-mold and anti-bacterial properties. If there are bacteria, mold or mildew growth inside the bathroom, this is a rather nasty issue which needs to be cured as soon as possible. Moreover, the bathroom will also suffer from lesser problems.

Apart from the above reasons, these natural mats are also eco-friendly and this is possibly the best reason to switch to bamboo mats. Keep in mind the above listed reasons to make a better choice for your bathroom.