Living in an Attic

The penthouses are fashionable. They are still the preferred homes for most buyers, and that is why living in an attic usually costs between 20% and 40% more than for any other floor of an identical surface in the same building.

What is it that makes them so coveted? There are several aspects to take into account when living in an attic. In general, we pay for the best views of the building, privacy and generous surface both indoors and outdoors. Also, a very important aspect of the price to which they quote resides in the shortage of supply, which does not cover the presence of a demand willing to buy the highest floor of any building.

All this is nothing new. In the real estate boom, it was normal to see a luxury penthouse hovering around $700,000, a piece coveted by promoters or architects who reserved the property for themselves, personally or for resale.

Any experienced buyer would know that attics are sold fast, even if they were the most expensive by far. Customers knew that buying a penthouse flat was life insurance. The revaluation during the period of construction and commercialization was guaranteed, and living in an attic was something much quoted

Reinventing the Design of Living in an Attic

The original model, luxury penthouse with huge outdoor areas and only 1 or 2 bedrooms are being planned for 3 and 4 bedrooms. Attending to the need of the standard family goes through the greatest number of rooms and creating more useful or profitable outdoor areas so that living in a penthouse is more attractive if possible.

This is an example of the new model duplex penthouse with 4 bedrooms on the Miami Real Estate. At the time of the housing bubble you could see duplex or triplex penthouses with configurations that made the owner’s habitability difficult, and even so, there were plaintiffs. Now the design becomes more logical and in line with the demand of society.

As for prices, the price of square meters of attics was almost double that of other homes. Now it tends to rationalization, and the price of living in a penthouse today depends on the orientation, the surface, the terrace meters and the number of floors.

Now, one of the things that have to be paid is by its exclusive character. Their suitors pay for not having neighbors on the top floor that bother (if it is a better corner because there are no on the side), the views, the terraces, and the scant traffic noise. In addition, living in the attic, even without it becoming a luxury penthouse, gives you a status that is not offered by a typical dwelling.

In the current scenario, their prices have dropped, although the cut has been less accentuated, being the most desirable homes and offer scarce supply. That is why luxury penthouses, even Asia Condos have suffered an adjustment of 15-20%, much less than other types that have fallen by up to 40%, the average price per square meter is 2,142 dollars for this type of housing.


One of the potential customers of these apartments located at the top of the building is those who want to change to a better home and live in an attic. It is the substitute for the villa for people who do not want stairs, but an outdoor space in the city or surroundings. The profile of the buyer depends on the type. If you have one or two bedrooms, it is for investors who will then rent to single or mature couples with emancipated children just like Aston Martin Residences Condos. If you have three or four bedrooms, you will acquire marriages of 40 to 55 years with children without emancipation.