Keep an Eye on Your Project When Electric Work is Going on

You have decided to hire a professional electrical contractor to undertake your project, and you have gone as far as to consider their bids and hire a good electrical contractor. So, now you should be able to relax because your new electric wiring will be done just the way you have wanted, or electric boards will be fitted perfectly. But in reality, that is often not the case. Leaving your project at the mercy of the electrical contractor may lead to complications and disaster. There are a few things that should be remembered when you are a house owner with an ongoing project.

  • Clarify your responsibilities with the electrical contractor, before the start of work. Do all the preparatory work like, clearing space, getting an electrical connection in place, etc. as per the requirements of the electrical contractor.
  • Communication is very important between you and the electrical contractor. If you see anything amiss or you don’t like something that has been done, maybe the design of the electric boards or their color, do not hesitate to tell your electrical contractor that this is wrong or that needs to be changed, etc.,
  • Keep a keen eye on your project; it would be great if you could take photographs and write a journal regarding the progress of the project. These photographs may prove invaluable to you if any kind of dispute arises between you and the electrical contractor regarding any aspect of the project.
  • Additional work often comes up in such projects; a good electrical contractor would, however, inform you about any such developments. If such additional work or changes are minor, then just make a note of it, but if it is a major change, it is better to draw up a new contract.
  • Electrical contractors often work on more than one project at a time; as a result, there is often a tendency to work shorter or irregular hours. Do not allow this to happen, delaying your project may cost you more money, so if you notice that your electrical contractor is neglecting your project in favor of another, then don’t hesitate to fire him, you can find someone better for your job.
  • Make periodic payments to your electrical contractor, pay 10% in the start of the project and the rest you can pay at regular intervals, this will keep the electrical contractor happy and will also help if there is a need to buy additional materials.
  • Treat your electrical contractor with respect; if they are happy with how you treat them, they will work just that much harder to make your project a success.

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