How Often Should You Get Your Windows Cleaned?

Window cleaning is one of those jobs which is often put off as it is a very fiddly job. Not only are windows hard to get streak free, often not all windows in a home or business are easily accessible from the ground. But over time windows do get dirty with a build-up of traffic fumes, finger prints, cobwebs and other contaminants. Although it really does depend about the environmental factors that surround your home or business. For coastal homes or businesses windows need more regular cleaning due to sea spray, but those in the city are more likely to suffer from traffic fumes dirtying their windows. No matter where you are located though over time your windows will get dirty. In order to get clean streak free windows again it is easiest just to call in a team of professional window cleaners like Endeavour Property Services who offer window cleaning in Auckland.

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Why are Clean Windows Important?

I tis surprisingly important to keep windows clean, as windows allow light into your home which helps keep your home warm over the colder months. But keeping windows clean also helps to prolong the life of your windows, as build up dirt on windows can damage the glass and the frames of the windows over time.


For commercial properties window cleaning is especially important, as your businesses cleanliness plays an important role in how your customers and the public view you. For example, would you go into a restaurant if the first thing you noticed was filthy windows, then you probably wouldn’t dine there. No matter what industry you operate in, if your business has dirty windows people may be turned off coming in and making a purchase. Commercial businesses are also often hard to clean windows on due to their size. Many offices are large multi-storey buildings so there is no way that you can clean the windows without calling in a professional team. For offices window cleaning should be every 2-3 months, to ensure your office maintains a professional look throughout the whole year.

Although when it comes to a retail store with a street frontage and a lot of customer traffic, then we recommend having your exterior windows cleaned at least once a month. As this means that your products in the window will be easily viewed from the street. The interior of your windows should also be cleaned regularly too. Depending on your clients its recommended to have the interior glass cleaned every two or three months. Although that really depends on environmental factors. You can go as long as bi-monthly on the exterior glass, but there will be occasions when the windows look quite dirty for stretches of time.


Residential window cleaning frequency will greatly differ depending on where you live. Those who live in the city, will be more prone to getting dirty windows due to the build-up of dark greasy traffic fumes on your windows. Although those living close to the sea will need even more regular cleaning as salt builds up and even damages the surface of your windows and window frames.  Also, those living close to building sites and quarries will also need regular window cleaning services to keep their homes looking at the best. We generally recommend monthly or quarterly cleaning. This is the best option for most clients leaving windows clean throughout the year.

Although your home will need more regular internal window cleaning than a commercial property. Due to factors like pets and children breathing on or putting their hands or paws on glass windows are doors.