Exciting new décor trends for home staging in 2018

2018 is here, and with it comes a little bit of extra post-Christmas weight, a few New Year’s resolutions and a fresh outlook. Make the most of the New Year by getting involved with theupcoming 2018 trends. It’s all about mixing textures, bold prints and lush colours, to name but a few. We’ve taken the liberty of putting together some of the hottest new home décor trends for you to try this year (hint: think maximalist).

Dramatic dark woods

While previous years have seen a penchant for pale Scandinavian style woods, 2018 is moving to the dark side. Swap the light and bright for the dark and dramatic, with touches of brass or marble to give an added depth to key furniture pieces. You might be surprised how easy it is to take dark woods through the seasons, from warm winter reds and golds to bright and breezy blue hues to complement your furniture in the relaxed summer months. The best thing about dark wood is its timeless beauty – this 2018 trend is here to stay.

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Quirky patterned pieces

It may not be to everyone’s tastes, but bold prints are officially in this year. Maybe you’re ready to go the whole way with a heavily patterned sofa, or maybe you’d prefer to opt for small hints of pattern in details such as pillows or throws. Whatever your take on it is, the idea goes: more is more. Think bright orange, yellow or green bases, with eye-catching shapes and patterns to boot.

Wicker details

That’s right, folks – wicker isn’t just for beach houses and retro baskets anymore. Stylists and designers suggest using this woven wonder around your home all year round. Think outside the box with wicker tables, lampshades and lighting. You’ll be surprised how much is out there, and it will add a fun touch to any kitchen, bedroom or living area this year.

Natural textures

Keeping in line with the wicker trend, all-natural textures and fabrics are in this season. Play around with textiles in spaces such as the bedroom, by going all out with frayed edges and embellished details. It’s all about tangibility – something you can run your hands over and really embrace. Don’t be afraid to combine different textures together by using macramé cord (very on-trend in 2018) or marble and metal for a modern luxe look.

Tropical fever

Now this is a super fun trend that we can definitely get around! Tropical prints have been going strong for quite some time, but the 2018 maximalist look means it’s time to go all out. Potted palm leaf plants need to go up a size, and they will look absolutely lush in conjunction with the rich dark wood furniture in your living room. If you’re into patterned pieces this season, then the tropical print is a great one to start with as you can build a really on-trend design without any difficulty. You’ll be able to find plenty of tropical themed pieces online and in all good homeware stores this year.

Colour your world

While neutral tones are a timeless interior design trend, 2018 is all about rich colours around the home. Not to be confused with bright and sometimes garish tones – instead, consider deep emerald greens, dark violets, and ruby reds. These opulent colours also provide the perfect opportunity to play around with materials such as velvet and silk, which will emphasise the glamour. Turn your bedroom into a sophisticated boudoir with a deep purple wall, dark red pillows and a faux-fur throw to complete the look; or make your living area on trend with a new sofa and armchair to embrace the rich pigment colour trend.

Brass accents

This is a great detail to complement many of the trends that we’ve already covered, such as dark woods, tropical prints and quirky patterns. Warm and subtle golden brass tones are replacing the typical brushed silver that most of us have become accustomed to in the bathroom and kitchen. It’s a little bit fun and quirky, but it fits in with the maximalist look. The lush tropical greens in your bathroom will go very nicely with a hint of brass, while the deep ruby reds and broody violets in your bedroom will stand out next to the brass accents on your bed frame or bedside table. Who knew you could turn a bathroom tap into a statement piece? 2018 says you can.