Does Fencing Increase Your Home’s Value?

When considering whether to erect fences on your property, selling your home may be the last thing on your mind. However, when it comes time to market your home, you may be quite glad that you did. According to real estate professionals, one of the top five attributes of a property that buyers want is the right fence in the right place.

Features of Residential Fencing Austin Homebuyers Desire

Naturally, just slapping up any old fence and calling it a home improvement won’t do. For your own use, you want the fence to serve its intended purpose and look good in the bargain while you’re still in the home. That’s all buyers expect, as well. Here are the purposes and elements in residential fencing Austin buyers will look for when a home purchase hangs in the balance.

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Does it blend with the neighborhood?

Homeowner associations may dictate the type of fencing allowed. Therefore, if you live in a covenanted community, you should check first. If no rules apply, you should at least plan a fence that will enhance your home in the neighborhood, not create an eyesore. If you live on acreage in a luxury home surrounded by properties with elegant wrought iron enclosures, you would do well to match that style. Even a lovely wooden fence may appear strange in such an area. If the housing development displays wood fences obscuring back yards, a chain link fence may disrupt the pattern, as well.

Will it provide a safe play zone for kids and pets?

Austin is a young and dynamic community. Families looking to buy a home to raise children prefer one that already provides a safe yard for them. That way, the cost of a fence is included with the mortgage and not something for which they must come up with cash to install. Dogs remain ever popular members of any family, so it’s a good bet that your potential buyers will look for a home already set up to curtail Rover’s wandering.

Does it define the yard?

Buyers like the idea of specific ownership. Fences define the yard and provide a sense of boundary. Even if it is little more than a white picket fence, the aesthetics of your home increase when a barrier separates it from the neighbors.

Will it deter trespassers?

On the practical side, a good fence helps keep strangers out of the landscape and potential criminals moving on to easier targets. Hard-to-climb wood or ornamental iron fences discourage outsiders from invading your space, something buyers certainly appreciate.

For Best Results, Buy the Most Professional Residential Fencing Austin Offers

Fences that help you sell your house faster increase its value in the marketplace. But poorly-built enclosures will have the exact opposite effect. Thus, you should have them professionally installed if you want to sell for the maximum amount possible.


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