Dealing with rat problems in the Reading area.

I live in a medium sized family home in the town of reading in Berkshire. I wasn’t aware of it but apparently the circus has come to town. I awoke last night to the sounds of some pretty enthusiastic gymnastics being performed. From the sounds that were floating through the air, I would have to guess it was some serious floor work with a couple of bad landings as the circus clowns took to entertaining their audience and friends. As I slowly gained consciousness, I became aware that I was not, in fact, at the circus and there were no circus clowns performing gymnastics. It was the sound of what seemed to be a horde of rats fighting with each other over alpha-dominance in my roof.

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The next day I woke up, had breakfast and decided to see if I could figure out how the rats had managed to set up shop in my roof in the first place. At the north-east corner of the house our old oak tree that shads the patio in the wonderful summer afternoons over hanged above the roof, with a couple of branches resting on the roof itself. Low and behold, as I stood there watching the tree limb, a circus rat popped its head up from the other side of the roof and scurried quickly onto the branch with acrobatic balance and ran across the branch, sown the tree and off into the bushes at the edge of the garden. So the blighters were using the tree as their own personal lift service.

Now having a circus in town is one thing, but having a family of rats living in your roof is another. Rats are vermin and so named because they carry disease and they were actually responsible for carrying the black plague that wiped out a large portion of the British population (although recent evidence has suggested this might have been spread by gerbils, not rats). So having them anywhere in your home is a big no-no, especially with young children around, developing their cardio vascular systems and we don’t want them breathing in any airborne faecal pathogens do we? Of course not, so the best thing you can do right now is pick up the phone and call your local pest exterminator that operates in the Reading area of Berkshire.

The internet is a great tool to use to begin your search in selecting the right exterminator service to use to cure your rodent problem. Start off with a quick google search and then take a bit of time to read up on the services that the exterminator offers, if they include rodent control then have a look at their customer testimonials and what their past clients had to say about the way that they operate. Rodents can be a recurring problem – there’s nothing worse than having gotten rid of one rodent family, only to have another move in to take their place a few weeks later, so make sure that they include a follow-up protocol that keeps them gone for good. Then just make the call and the booking and presto! Your rats will be history.