7 ways to build your timber home

A new home brings along with it several considerations such as budget, style,and design as per the owner’s needs. While deciding how to make your house durable yet stylish, one of the ideal choices that come to our mind is timber.

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Find out the 7 ways in which you can build your timber home:

  1. Get the design right – First and foremost, consult a professional and build a framework of the timber home design. If the design has been made properly, it will be durable, cost-efficient and beautiful.
  2. Decide your requirements – Whether you want an entire timber framed home or a home with timber accents needs to be determined. A fully framed timber home will provide strong support whereas few timber accents in the home will upgrade the style quotient of the house.  
  3. Have knowledge about the ways of framing – An enclosed timber frame is a way of framing the structure where the walls are built right on the exterior portion of the timbers. This helps in insulation and protects against weather exposure. Another way is building walls in between the timbers. This is completely done for aesthetic appeal.
  4. Select the best wood – A good timber home is built with best quality woods. There are many types of wood species available such as oak, cedar, pine, etc. Choose the desirable wood species to improve the sturdiness of the house.
  5. Choose the best joinery – Using the right type of joinery is extremely crucial to support your timber home. There are various types of steel and wood fasteners and joinery that provide strength. Depending upon your requirement of look and feel of the house, decide the type you want in joinery.

A well-decorated timber home is an ideal choice for living in comfort and style. Set your budget and decide on where exactly you want timber in the house. You can seek professional assistance from timber manufacturer at Coach House Timbers.