5 Types of Foyer Lighting

The entry way to your home is an important part of its charm.  With that in mind, here are different types of Foyer lighting from Premiere Luminaire you should consider to achieve an inviting aesthetic for your home.


Obviously, one of the most exquisite ways to welcome guests to your home is to install a chandelier in the foyer, especially if you have a vaulted ceiling.  These provide a bold and glamorous aesthetic that you can’t find anywhere else; and since they come in a wide variety of styles, you are sure to find one that fits your home design. Make sure, however, to choose a chandelier of appropriate size for your entryway; your chandelier should be proportionate.

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Often considered a type of chandelier, pendant lights in your entry way can provide similar flair in a more practical form.  Simply a light hanging from a fixture attached to the ceiling, a pendant light focuses a single beam at a time, which can actually draw attention upward.  Thus, these can be good for long hallway entrances as well in single areas of smaller dimension.


Yes, the first two items on this list are, technically, different types of ceiling fixtures but in this case we are talking about fixtures that might not have another classification (like pendant light).  That said, ceiling lights do not necessarily have to blend in seamlessly. Sure, some do accomplish this but it is not always necessary.  Flushmount ceiling lights provide more versatile casting of pleasant ambient light while track lights provide multiple options for highlighting specific areas of the space.


Originally mounted to hold candles, we still utilize wall sconces even in these times of electric illumination.  You might recall that wall sconces illuminate the interior of movie theatres as you enter and find your seat. For your home though, these are exceptionally wonderful in a small entry way, offering specific, upward ambient light in a stylized way that adds some character. Of course, you can also find styles which focus light downward or other directions.


For even more character, you could consider installing a lamp in your entryway.  Lamps, obviously, only offer light in a specific area and in a specific way so it can feel imbalanced in a large room. For a small entryway, though, the slight imbalance can still feel warm and cozy.