5 Tips to make your home office match your personality

Whether you work from home full time or you choose to freelance on the side, your home office is one of the most important aspects when it comes to your quality of work and wellbeing. Not only does your office need to be a place you can feel productive, but it must also be reflective of your individual personality and style.

Pick a theme/style

In order to design your perfect home office, you will first have to pick a theme or style you think bests matches your personality. If you are confused about what you think is the best theme to choose, just choose main accent pieces or colours and work around this. If you are still struggling to choose a theme look at your wardrobe and other rooms in the house to see what patterns and colours you have used in the past.  If you edge to more floral prints and bright colours may be a more colourful office would work best for you, on the other spectrum you may want to go for a minimalist theme.

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Know the importance of flooring

When designing your home office, you should try to make the most of having control over all aspects of the aesthetics. This can even include the choice of flooring. Most work offices choose to pick a more neutral commercial flooring to please or suit the majority of employees. Why not experiment with your choice of flooring and choose something you can really appreciate.  A hardwood flooring could give your office a more authentic feel, while a patterned vinyl or speckled carpet can create a fun and vibrant feel to your workplace.

Experiment with textures

Introducing texture into your home office can add an element of depth and dimension to your workspace. You can create texture in various ways, by adding a high shine paint to your walls or even placing a knitted throw or cushion on your desk chair. Not all texture needs to be bold, why not add a subtle texture choice such as flowers or a glass vase.

Pick the right furniture for you

A comfy chair is a must if you plan on sitting at your desk for a long period of time and although many work offices opt for the usual black swivel chair, there is plenty of options out there. You can choose from a variety of styles from modern and metallic to vintage and wooden. A desk with built-in storage is a great option for keeping office mess out of sight, allowing you to make a feature of pretty pen pots or a quirky noticeboard. If you want to give your office a more sophisticated and luxurious look why not splash out on some designer furniture as a statement piece.

Let there be light

When planning the lighting options of your home office you should take into consideration the amount of natural light you will attain before creating your own artificial light. If your desk is near a large window or affected by outdoor light, it would be best to just have a larger light for the darker times of the evening. Creating the right ambience in your home office is important for productivity and lighting is a great way to achieve it.