5 Things To Consider When Designing A Loft Conversion

Your unappreciated attic is one space that you need to consider if you want to create extra space in your house. Whether it’s a mid-terrace or an old Victorian semi-detached home, a loft conversion is one excellent step when it comes to home improvement. This article looks at a few tips that you’ll find useful when planning for this new extension.

  1. Consider Your Needs

It’s important that you consider your needs when planning to add extra space to your home. You’re going to increase the value of your home by adding some extra space but remember your family needs should come first. When designing a loft conversion, you should think of how you’re going to use the extra space. In addition, plan something that will suit your budget.

  1. Look for a Professional Loft Extension Contractor

One mistake that homeowners make when adding extensions in their homes is to forget about the heating and ventilation. Hiring a professional contractor to plan and carry out the extension provides you with several advantages.

For instance, they ensure the place is comfortable during winter and summer. That’s by ensuring you have the right insulation on the flooring and roof.  I recommend this Oxford conversion company who will give you a no obligation quote.

  1. Make Sure It’s Easily Accessible

Ensure the loft is easily accessible. You may choose to install a stair case but you should realize that it’s one thing that takes up some space. When designing the loft, you should remember that the staircase might demand some space from the floor below or your new loft. The best solution is to put the staircase on one side of your living area to reduce its impact on your space.

  1. Determine the Kind of Electrics You Need

If the loft conversion is going to be a creative space, you need to know where to place the plug sockets. A professional architect or designer can help you to deal with the electrical installation. Make sure you ask important questions about your loft room design to ensure you get a functional space.

  1. Think about a Dormer Window

A dormer window enables your loft extension to have more space. However, you may have to look for building permissions depending on whether the extension is towards the rear or front of your building.


With this informative article on loft conversion tips, we hope that you will be able to get a functional extension. As mentioned above, this new room will increase the value of your home and add extra space that you can use for creative activities.