5 Best Leaf & Lawn Vacuums to Use in 2018

The fall is the time of the year during which one can experience a great deal of change in nature. This is particularly true if you happen to be living in a temperate region where one can observe the changing of the leaves from green to red or brown and everything in between.

On the flip side, it isn’t always fun if you have a lawn or backyard. To a large extent, people have been managing their leaf litter with rakes or leaf blowers. For the most part, rakes have been widely used due to its simplicity and have been one of the main ways to manage leaf waste during the fall. Leaf blowers have been a recent innovation. Relying entirely on the power of air to move things around, they are used for primarily blowing leaves away usually into a compost pit or a corner meant for yard waste.

Leaf vacuum cleaners have hit the market in recent times and have become very popular among consumers. It isn’t really difficult to understand why. Rakes and leaf blowers can only heap the leaf litter together until the wind scatters them again. Leaf vacuum cleaners do not have this drawback as the leaves are safely stored in a containment unit.   

If you are looking to get yourself a leaf vacuum cleaner to manage your lawn or yard, given below are five amazing lawn and leaf vacuums that you would love to have at your disposal!

Remington Leaf Blower with Vacuum Kit

Product Description:

The Remington Leaf Blower with a vacuum kit is a handheld leaf vacuum cleaner. Known for its simplicity, this model is built with titanium shredding blades that chop up leaves before they are stored in the litter sack. Apart from it, there is an option to blow leaves away than to collect them.

Despite its simplicity, the Remington is one of the best outdoor leaf vacuums in the marketplace due to its effectiveness, ergonomics, and the price factor.

Price: $84

Black & Decker Electric High-Performance Leaf Blower/Vac/Mulcher

Product Description:

Like the Remington, the Black & Decker Electric High-Performance Leaf Blower/Vac/Mulcher is also a handheld leaf vacuum cleaner. Powered by a strong motor, it helps to tidy up even the biggest yards within a short time frame.

The Black & Decker allows for both vacuum and blowing functions. It comes with a complete set of bags to manage leaf waste with very little effort.

In addition, the cost is on the lower end of the budget, making it a great pick!

Price: $60

Worx Trivac Blower & Mulcher With Leaf Pro

Product Description:

The Worx Trivac Blower & Mulcher with Leaf Pro comes with an added advantage of a larger bin for storage capacity.

The Worx has dual power settings. You can collect the leaves or blow them away, depending on your preference. This vacuum comes with a powerful fan that works in both directions.

The cost is on the pricier end but the multipurpose function and lightweight handle ability make the Worx Trivac a great buy!

Price: $161

Troy-Bilt Lawn Vacuum

Product Description:

The Troy-Bilt Lawn Vacuum is an excellent wheel-based vacuum cleaner and blower for your lawn. Powered by a strong motor, managing your leaf litter will become a breeze. Just push the vacuum in the direction you want and let it handle everything else!

Since it is self-propelled, this lawn vacuum handles a great deal of work by itself. In addition to its basic functions, the vacuum also comes with a handy extension hose that allows you to clean up “hard to reach” places.

The price is on the expensive side of the cost spectrum. The trade-off is compensated by the functionality it offers!

Price: $596

The Cyclone Rake Lawn Vacuum

Product Description:

If you are on the search for a leaf and lawn vacuum with serious firepower, then look no further! The Cyclone Rake is a powerful lawn vacuum that will leave your yard looking like a golf course after use. Rated as the # 1 lawn and leaf vacuum in America, the Cyclone Rake packs a punch with its Briggs and Stratton Vanguard series of engines and is the only vacuum of its kind that folds down flat for easy storage in your garage or shed. Manufactured with a number of industry-leading parts, the Cyclone Rake comes with an awesome 3-year warranty. This lawnmower is made for those who have serious lawns to clean!

Price: $1,245 and up