10 scenarios that are commonplace where a locksmith is Needed

Imagine all of the scenarios where you could possibly need a locksmith to come and rescue you. Now when you imagine long enough you can probably begin to dream up some really out-there scenarios where a locksmith will be needed.

As a professional locksmith in San Diego for the last decade I have seen some pretty wonderful things. These past years have brought to me so much gratitude to be able to assist so many people with their locksmith needs. These years have been great.

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The following are 10 totally real scenarios where a locksmith was needed to come to the rescue.

  • Old lady at the grocery store locks her keys in the car. Locksmith is called and comes to open the car door within just a matter of moments.
  • Homeowner comes home to find that someone broke a key off in the lock of the front door. Locksmith is called and problem is solved.
  • Man went to race strip. He had fun all night long. Then he lost his transponder keys in the lake. The locksmith was called at 4am. And man was on his way to work.
  • Highschool gym locker door was locked. The locksmith was called only to find out that nothing was in the locker anyways, but a new key was made and problem solved.
  • Mom with 3 kids locks the kids in the car. Emergency locksmith is called and the children are rescued in just 15 minutes.
  • Woman in BMW on the freeway loses battery power. When jumped with jumper cables the car still would not start. Transponder keys were damaged and locksmith was on his way.
  • Long distance bicycle enthusiast locked bike to pole. The bike and lock was badly damaged by vandals. Locksmith was called and able to get the lock opened.
  • Local industrial complex needs new locks for security improvements. Locksmith is called to replace 250 locks throughout the complex.
  • Senior citizen golfer crashed golf cart. Keys were misplaced in accident. All keys were replaced, including the house keys.
  • Classroom at local school door would not open. Locksmith was called. The lock was worn out from years of use and needed to have a lock installed.

As you can see there are endless scenarios where a locksmith is needed. And at some point in time most people will have a scenario all of their own where they will need a locksmith to come and assist them. Have you ever had to hire a locksmith service before? If so, then email us your story and let us know!